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Scottish Trust Deed Advice

When considering a Scottish Trust Deed it is important that you are fully aware of all details related to the Trust Deed before signing. Trust Deeds are a formal debt solution which may be suitable for those with debts of greater than £5,000. They involve making one affordable monthly payment towards repayment of a portion of these debts each month. This payment covers the fee for the insolvency practitioner, who distributes the payments to creditors.

For a Trust Deed to become a Protected Trust Deed (which means that creditors can no longer object) the creditors must agree to the terms of the trust deed, or at least not object within 6 weeks of the trust deed’s proposal.It is therefore vital that a debtor gets expert advice on their trust deed application, as different firm’s success rates can vary immensely. We have a successful proposal rate of 99%, which we have held for many years.

If you have found yourself in a substantial amount of debt a trust deed may be the best option, however, we understand that this is a big decision, which is why we strongly believe in offering no-obligation advice – so you don’t feel any pressure.You can also trust us to give you best advice as we offer all the debt solutions. We can explain clearly what the benefits and disadvantages of the different debt solutions are for your own individual circumstances – it is then up to you to make the decision. Please call us for expert debt advice which may reduce your monthly payments, and stop demands from lenders.


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